Procreate made simpler for beginners

Everyone talks about how they “like venturing into new exploits and working on stuff that challenges and brings out the best in them.” It sounds good, wise, even clever. All that nice stuff. This is however a little too romanticized. The reality is harsh and brutal.

We all know just how frustrating and irritating it is to be working on a project that is so difficult that even after applying our best knowledge and skills to it, we still just can’t seem to work a way around it. We get discouraged and feel insulted. We feel like we have expended our efforts in vain and in all honesty, it’s a pathetic feeling. But do you know what is even more frustrating than this?

Well, nothing is as irking as when you are trying to use something that is supposed to make your work easier only to find out that using it is even more difficult than doing the job itself. It is the worst feeling ever! It makes it look like the job wasn’t even that hard, you are the one who’s just too dumb to do it.

As stewards of style and aesthetic as well as the ones who bring people’s creative visions to reality, we as architects and designers have to be at the forefront of using technology to expand our capabilities and be more creative, innovative and efficient in our work. Procreate is one such tool that is very useful in this regard and will help you to create and build better architectural concepts and designs.

A digital sketching and drawing program, Procreate has a large variety of cool, creative features that will help you experiment with and to stretch out your design and architectural skills and imagination to the max. In this video, you will learn how to use this amazing program in a series of simple, easy to do steps.

With detailed illustrations and explanations, I’ll show you how to navigate the interface, arrange files and group them into projects, select a suitable canvas and setting its size, import drawings, trace on top of photos, create and merge layers, adjust opacity, pen setting, adding a grid, move tools, saving and sharing content and many other functions that you can perform with Procreate. This way you will be able to learn how to use Procreate easily. So, shall we? Let’s go!

Procreate brush setting and textured paper download: