Create A Beautiful Kitchen Concept Using Procreate For Architects On Your iPad!
Can you picture yourself being all jolly and happy-go-lucky while sitting out in the backyard facing a shabby garden full of shriveled, withered, flowers surrounded by ugly weeds and a littered compound with dirt and garbage strewn all over? Exactly. It’s difficult to imagine such a scenario because the unpleasantness of your surroundings will inevitably seep into you and ruin your mood too.
The same applies to a house or room you live, work or stay in. To be able to do anything meaningfully productive or to have a generally enjoyable experience being in there, it needs to be tastefully designed so that it turns out to be aesthetically appealing and visually pleasant and exciting.
This is more so in the case of a kitchen where meals are prepared. Cooking is an art in itself and therefore the kitchen space needs to be built imaginatively so that it is inspiring and pleasant to work in. It should also embody the owner’s individuality and aesthetic ideals.
This is why Procreate is a must-have if you are an architect or interior designer. Procreate is a sketching program with a set of various tools that allows architects and designers to be able to sketch or draw out architectural or design plans and concepts. This enables them to visualize and have a crystal-clear idea of what the actual thing will look like when they are done with their work.
With Procreate, you can draw out the structural concept of a room (which is a kitchen in the case of this video), experiment with various color palettes and layers, try out different arrangements of fixtures and be able to erase and redo areas you are not satisfied with. It’s simple and easy to use and helps you to envision what your final design will look like. It also allows you to reimagine, tweak and adjust various aspects of the concept till you are satisfied and happy with your design.
To see how a beautiful kitchen concept can be created in 60 minutes or less using an iPad with Procreate for architects, click this link to watch a detailed but simple to understand illustration of the whole process.  
Procreate brush setting and textured paper download: